Here's what a few campers have said...

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Reviews - above - are directly from Google (age 25)

"Hey Turner I had a stupidly amazing time! Remember when I said at the start of camp that my main objective was to improve my skiing, and everything else would be a bonus? I believe my skiing has improved considerably, but knowing everyone (especially you and Marcos) was definitely my best takeaway. You are one brilliant camp owner, I must say! I hope that we will keep in touch. I most certainly will. I cannot remember the last time I feel the same way after a holiday!"

Jeff - UK - 3 week camp (age 33)

"Hi Turner Best decision of my life coming to Core! It’s a real struggle settling back down into Sydney life now though; all I can think about is coming back to Whistler. I’m very keen to do core camps again next season and at this stage it looks like I’ll come back in December and will stay for longer this time (maybe 5 weeks or so). Thanks again for such an awesome experience!"

Alexandra - Australia - 2 times at camp (age 26)

Hey Turner! I had an amazing time this trip. I felt like 3 weeks was perfect to not only enjoy the mountain in different weather but to also see a progression in my skiing. I'm really excited for the chance to come back in December 2013. (this is going to be the greatest year of my life ;) And by the way, Marcos is an excellent coach as well. I really enjoyed skiing with him the last week. I learned a lot, got into some new territory, and had a blast doing it.

Gaurav - USA - 3 week camp (age 30)

"I just wanted to say thank you for having him. He had a great time and is already talking about "next year". Thank you also for setting him up with Debbie (homestay) - that worked really well and he enjoyed being so close to everything."

Harrison - Canada - 2 week camp (age 14)

"I would just like to thank you Turner, Javier and everyone else for an awesome week of camp! I definitely improved a lot (especially in the trees :P) and even landed some more 3's. I can't wait for next year!"

Josh - USA - 2 times at camp (age 16)

"Hey Turner, I also would like to thank you for the time I had in Whistler. It was really nice to meet all of you and to spend a month in the camp. I hope you and the camp are still having a great time in Whistler. Enjoy the rest of the season. Sincerely,"

Fabienne - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 19)

"Hey Turner, Thanks for the email and for sending those photos through. I just wanted to say that the camp and the experience with you guys in Whistler was far greater than I ever could of imagined when I booked it and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time with you guys. I actually have really missed it all the last few days now that I am back at work, but that just makes me realize how great a time I really did have. It really is a great camp that you offer, especially with the great coaches that you have involved with it and I learnt so much during my two weeks, especially in the park. I only wish I had of been able to stay longer to learn more. I will be definitely spread the word about core camps and recommend it to all my snow obsessed friends back home. I definitely will be looking to join you guys there again next season. Keep in touch. Cheers"

Mitchell - Australia - 2 week camp (age 23)

"Hey Turner, Thank you for having me - it’s been the best holiday of my life! I would love to come back next winter and I think the chances are that I will return. Thanks again for everything and I will stay in touch."

Yoni - Netherlands - 5 week camp (age 18)

"Thanks to coach Javier and everyone else for the great time!"

Gina - Switzerland - 5 week camp (age 22)

"Hi Turner, First of all, thanks for having me in Whistler! You were a very good host, and I had a great two weeks with you, the staff and the other campers. Wish I could've stayed for longer. Hope Flo and the others are settling in and throwing massive tricks by now! Javi was great and very technical - always paying attention to small details. We also benefited a lot from Javi’s local knowledge of the mountains - I really appreciated him personally taking time to bring me up to a massive run off the Blackcomb glacier (which was just awesome). Also, because the ski groups were slightly smaller I felt we got a lot out of it. Overall, it was a great experience - very happy! Send my regards to Javier!"

Fred - UK - 2 week camp (age 29)

"Hey Turner! Thank you! I had a great time. Really miss the hill, man. There is nothing good about being back home. Friday grad was actually really great! I didn't think we'd have so much fun and so many laughs. It was nice of coach Javier to share his stories too. So I want to come back for 3 weeks! I'm thinking March. Super excited- (and still grateful for the first two weeks) Thank you"

Gaurav - USA - 2 week camp (age 30)

"Hey Turner, I’ve been thinking about Core and Whistler for the last few days, after heading out of Whistler. Thanks again for having me at Core. The 6 weeks went by so fast, and it was so much fun. Words are kind of hard to describe the experience of being there, and everything that went on to make that 6 weeks so memorable. Still remembered the first night I arrived, got to hang out with the Core campers already there, even though 5 minutes before meeting them, I didn't know anyone really. Great start, to be able to be in a group with others who were keen/passionate about snow. Then in the days that followed, it was great to be pushed by the coaches. Am definitely happy that I got to do a lot of firsts in several things. And things like those powder days, backcountry touring, cat skiing, jump days, park sessions, skiing un-named lines.... Cheers"

Shaw - New Zealand - 6 week camp (age 34)

"Hey Turner, It really was great spending the three weeks with you guys in Whistler. And then just as I was settling in nicely I had to leave :-( I'm pretty sure I'll be back though, it's a great part of the world and the camp set up is great). Thanks for sharing your love of the mountain with me. Cheers (and happy St Patrick's Day!)"

Susan - Ireland - 3 week camp (age 31)

"Thanks for everything, I definitely had an amazing time. I learned a lot of new things and skied in conditions that I have never done before - so great experience. It was just way too short! I would really like to come back."

Raphael - Switzerland - 2 week camp (age 23)

"Hi Turner! At the Bill's last Friday i was getting emotional and i couldn't finish my speech as i would like to ;) Thank you Turner for this great month at Core Camps! I was expecting it since almost 1 year and now it's already done...the time went so fast! Core Camps is an amazing life's experience, meeting great people, improving our ski with amazing coaches in an awesome resort. Skiing in Whistler was a child's dream for me, and I’ve decided to make me this gift to have finished my studies, and it was better that I have imagined! Keep going with Core Camps, you are making everybody happy and it's such a great time for all of us, member of the Core family ! :*) See you Turner, and thanks again!!!"

Shadia - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 23)

"Hi Turner - Thank you for having such an awesome camp. I had a blast meeting everyone and the skiing was amazing. I definitely plan to come back next year! Take care!"

Girish - USA - 3 week camp (age 33)

"Hey Turner, I started missing it all the day I left, I am already in deep powder withdraw. I had a blast meeting every version of me… I am already anticipating the video!! Thanks again for the string of BEST DAY evers!"

Doug - Canada - 2 times at camp (age 21)

"Turner, I literally can't thank you enough for the best time of my life. The camp was phenomenal, and the coaches truly inspired me to become better skiers. Ludo did also. I couldn't say it enough while I was there and haven't stopped since I have been back but it was an absolutely incredible experience that I will remember forever. All the best,"

Spencer - USA - Ski Camp winner (age 23)

"Can’t forget to say what an awesome time at whistler getting to ride lots of deep powder, riding some really well built parks, seeing some old friends meeting new ones and chilling in the village and rider house. I’ll be back again next year for sure!"

Nevin - Canada - 1 week camp (age 19)

"Hey Turner, This were the my best 14 ski days ever! It was such a great ski group as well as the whole camper group. I met new friends, had so much fun and such an amazing time. Javier was the best coach I ever had. I learned so much about skiing and the mountains like never before. I really miss the camp and the campers. So thank you very much to make a childhood dream come true for me. Hopefully we see us next season:-) Kind Regards"

Sebastian - Germany - 2 week camp (age 27)

"Hey Turner! I had a great time in Whistler and skiing and training with Core Camps was an excellent way of pushing limits after many seasons of "tourist skiing". The whole experience worked great: campers, coaches, rider house, etc everything was perfect! So I definitely look forward to returning back to Core Camps soon! Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference for any South Americans aiming for the Core experience! Send my regards to Javi and all the CC family! Cheers!"

Miguel - Argentina - 1 week (age 26)

"Ciao Turner, You don't have to thank me, but it's the opposite, you gave me the opportunity to live the greatest experience of my life. It was too short for me!!! I hope to come back soon!! If you come in Italy, call me...it's a pleasure!! I think about Whistler every day. I miss Whistler !!! Ciao BELLO!! Aoooooooooooo................"

Tullio - Italy - 4 week camp (age 26)

"His comment to us was it was the best week of his life. He said he was exhausted every afternoon..Thank you for looking after him he said you made it all very easy for him. Enjoy the rest of your season. Kind Regards"

Lachlan - Australia - 2 week camp (age 24)

Hey Turner, this time was different; weather-wise and people-wise. I definitely became a better skier, and will probably be back next year! Thanks for everything you've put into making this camp great!"

Etan - USA - 1 week camp (age 19)

"Thanks Turner! I think Chris had a great time there. We are hoping to do the same thing next winter."

Chris - USA - 1 week camp (age 15)

“Hey, and thanks to the camp for an awesome time and wicked skiing, I'm already planning for next year to come up for 2-4 weeks and maybe even bring a few friends up cause they would have a amazing time! Say hi to the guys for me and I'll talk to you soon!”

Reuben - Canada - 1 week camp (age 20)

"Camp was a blast and I am definitely going to do my best to get back up there, and hopefully bring some friends. Thanks for everything!”

Etan - USA - 1 week camp (age 18)

“Both Meaghan and Douglas had a terrific week with Core Camp… we are very impressed with the program and have been talking it up with our friends this week. You guys work really hard during the week, and the additional activities are excellent.”

Meaghan and Douglas - Canada - 1 week camp (age 16)

"Cheers, Turner. I certainly had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the environment and atmosphere of Core. As you say, there is so much that I did that I was never expecting to do. I certainly hope to manage a visit next season, even if it is only for a week. I will be spreading the word! All the best for the rest of the season. Hopefully I will be about when you visit in October!”

Victor - UK - 2 times at camp (age 36)

“I loved my time at Core, you’ve got a great set-up with great people. One week wasn’t enough to get the most out of it…Canada is a beautiful country. Yours faithfully”

Sarah - Australia - 1 week camp (age 26)

“Its Josh from camp earlier this year. I just wanted to tell you I had the time of my life up there in Canada with you all. Just everything from the slopes to the camp to the nightlife, everything was so fun. I learned a lot and it was such a great experience. I miss skiing and Whistler so much you don't even know. Every time when I see new photos from friends on facebook up there my stomach drops just wishing I was still up there. I truly wish I could come back to Whistler! Thanks for a great time at Camp”

Josh - USA - 1 week camp (age 21)

“ Yeeeeah niiice :D... thanks, for an amazing season!!”

Pia - Denmark - 10 week camp (age 19)

“After 19 years of skiing in Europe, this was my first trip to North America. I can definitely say it was the best ski season I’ve ever had. Masses of powder, perfect prepared parks, lots of people that are on the same wave length and great free-skiing improvement. Whistler and especially Core Camps is the best place to be if you love skiing and a great group atmosphere! The coaches are wicked, they’ll show you the best spots on the mountains and bring your skiing to the next level and maybe further! If you want to have the best time of your life on skis, join Core Camps!!!”

Tobi - Germany - 2 week camp (age 23)

“Rupert was stoked about his skiing. Thank you for showing him the best skiing he has ever seen. Also thank you for looking after Rupert. We will be back. Cheers!”

Rupert - Australia - 1 week camp (age 17)

Message to all skiers from a Swiss guy skiing for the last 16 years – “Core Camp is for me a great thing for skiers from all levels. The coaches are pushing you in such a good way, and if you try to do what they say to you, you will get fast into a higher ski level. So take the chance, go to Whistler BC, make some friends, meet and ride with professional skiers, and you will have lots of snow. And that’s all you need for one of the best ski seasons of your life...”

Ciril - Switzerland - 3 week camp (age 19)

“Thanks to you, Cam and Reid, I have certainly come back feeling more confident about the mountains. Now hopefully I can put all that I learnt to practice the next time I am looking down a double black diamond run! I Can't believe that the two weeks ran off so quickly. I do miss Whistler and am pretty sure I will be heading back that way again with some friends. Please give my regards to Cam, Reid, Steve and the whole crew.”

Harish - Hong Kong - 2 week camp (age 34)