Core Camp Coaches

We have an amazing group of certified ski coaches and guest pros who have dedicated their lives to skiing and coaching in Whistler. All are handpicked for their extensive coaching experience, amazing natural talent, local mountain knowledge, infectious personalities and love of skiing. They're funny, passionate, personable and genuinely caring. The coaches will help you progress, build confidence, reach you goals and ski the best spots on the mountains with you. They know every hidden powder run, secret stash, jump run, sweet spot… that you can and can't imagine. Learn it right and learn it all from our pro coaches. Our skier to coach ratio averages 4:1 which ensures lots of personal attention and focus. You may not ski with every coach or pro on our list, but you'll be stoked with your coach for sure! It's all about skiing together, having fun and completely improving your skiing.

Marcos Groenenberg

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Marcos is a every experienced all-mountain ski coach who's been who's been skiing and coaching in Whistler over 14 years now. Marcos coaches with a big smile, positive energy, lots of comedy and a ton of knowledge. He is a very natural coach and always gets you to the next level. He's requested so often by our skiers. Marcos spends his summers coaching with us in Argentina and mountain bike coaching in Whistler. It's always a great time skiing and improving with Marcos! Just read our reviews and you'll see how much everyone loves skiing with Marcos!

Melie de Jonge



We’re so stoked to have Melie as part of the team. Always smiling and positive, Melie’s deep mountain knowledge and fun coaching style makes her a big time favorite among the riders. If her smile doesn’t win you over, then her solid shredding will. Want to improve in powder, trees, technique… everything… then Melie’s your woman. Melie’s also a solid snowmobiler, motocrosser and downhill mountain biker

Javier Cruz



Ahhh, Javier. You've never met a guy more sincere than Javi. He'll have you constantly improving on the runs and laughing on every chair lift. Javi's really fun to ski with and his particular style of coaching is refreshing. Javier spends his winters with us and our summers (his winters) as a backcountry ski guide in Las Lenas. Here's a recent video of Javier.

Joel Higgins



Joel is probably the most Kiwiest Kiwi to ever come out of New Zealand..! His accent is full-on and he has more sayings than we know what to do with - he's funny as..! Joel is also one hell of a good skier and coach. Freeski and freestyle - this guy does it all and loves to coach. Joel is a Beekeeper in the off season. Ask him about his bees, bro.

Javier Munoz

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Javier is a level 3 CSIA ski coach and a super fun hombre to ski with and learn from. He was also voted Whistler’s “Coach of the year” recently. Javi’s a super experienced technical ski coach and has more certifications than Dr. Nick! This guy knows THE best spots on the mountains and he'll take you there in style. From big mountain lines to park tricks, from deep powder to deep carves and everything in between, you’ll learn so much from Javier!

Cameron Archer



Cam is the MAN. One of our CSIA certified instructors, Cameron’s a super experienced freestyle & free-skier and has more ski badges than a boy scout! Cam is uber mountain wise when it comes to on-piste, off-piste, powder, carvers, trees, drops etc. Cam is also a lifeguard and likes fishing, candle lit dinners and long walks in the snow…

Austin Ross

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Austin is arguably the nicest pro skier & instructor you’ll ever meet. Raised purely on skiing since he was smaller than a ski boot, he’s emerged as one of Canada’s best pro skiers. His perma-smile, super positive energy and wicked mountain knowledge makes this guest pro a favorite. Austin balances his winter between photo shoots, big contests, filming for Warren Miller and skiing with Core.

Guest Pros

Chris Turpin

Carl Fortin

Brandon Kelly

Callum Petit

Reed Holm

Pierrot Bernier

James Hillier

Keep checking our list for new coaches/instructors.