Here is a list of the most frequent questions that we're asked.

Are your prices in Canadian dollars or USD?

Our prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS which is good news for those of you from other countries. The Canadian dollar is quite weak right now against nearly all currencies around the world so take advantage of it while you can.

How long do most skiers join for?

Many skiers join us for 2 to 4 weeks and many other skiers join us for for 2, 3 or 4 months. Some skiers only have one week available to join us which is also great, however pretty much every skier here for one week says on their final Friday evening that they wished they had booked for longer (and many extend). The longer you are with us, the more you're improving and transforming into a strong and stylish skier..!
A week, a month, a full season - we'll make sure you have a completely amazing experience no matter how many weeks you're with us!

What ability do I need to be?

From Beginner to Expert and every level in between..!
Abilities typically range from intermediate to advanced level skiers with us. If you can comfortably parallel ski from top to bottom then you are ready for our camps. If you’d like to join us and have never skied before or have less than 15 days of skiing experience, please contact us about our Beginner and Novice Ski Camps

What are the accommodations like?

We have two types of accommodations: Our Core Camp rider houses and home stay.
The rider houses are comfortable houses within the town of Whistler. They are all fully furnished, fully equipped kitchens, WIFI, TV, all bedding and a great camp vibe while you live with like-minded riders. The rider houses are based on two riders per room. Riders are responsible for their own meals at the Core houses. The houses range from a 300m walk to a short bus ride to the center of town, the lifts and our campus.
The home stay accommodations are private rooms within the homes of cool, local Whistler families. It’s a great Canadian experience. A room and 3 meals per day are included with home stay. Home stay is an extra $210/week.
*Home stay is the accommodation we provide for under 18 yr old campers or for any camper who would like to request a private room.

What’s the average age at the camps?

Skiers from 15 to 50+ are more than welcome at Core Camps. 95% of our campers are between the ages of 17 - 40. The mix of ages makes the camps very interesting and a lot more fun. Whether you’re in the middle of a fresh powder run with your group or learning new tricks on a jump day, honestly, age is the last thing on our minds.
The relationship side of camp - Some guys and girls who met at camp end up either dating in Whistler, dating back home, getting married and also having kids. We seem to be an unofficial match making service... At least six couples who originally met at camp have gotten married!

I already have a season pass, so can you subtract the included season pass (or lift pass) off the Premier Camp for me?

Yes. If you already have an Epic Season Pass or Whistler Season Pass, we can subtract the lift pass or season pass off your Premier Camp. No problem.

What’s a typical day like?

A typical day at the camp goes something like this:

8 ~ 8:30am: Meet at our campus at the base of the gondolas in Whistler Village. Grab your gear form our heated storage room, gear up, and all walk to the gondola (100 meters).
9am ~ Noon: Morning Freeski Camp groups - Skiing with coaches, improving, skiing powder, jumping, spinning, steeps, carving, on-piste, off-piste, more powder and having an amazing time everyday..!
Noon ~ 12:30pm: On-mountain lunch (buy it or bring your own)
12:30pm ~ 3:30pm: Afternoon Freeski Camp groups (different from morning groups)
4 ~ 5pm: Waxing & Edging clinic every Tuesday - Video Analysis every Wednesday
5pm onwards: Free time, group outings, group dinners, trampoline nights, hot-tubbing, apres, movie nights, ice skating, shopping, or just relax. Welcome Night every Monday - Grad Night every Friday
7am: wake up and do it all again...YEAH!

How do I get from the airport to Whistler?

Included in our Premier Package Camp, we arrange for you door-to-door service with a very professional private bus service. Shortly after you send us your flight details, we'll email you your simple and detailed pick up info. A bus company staff member will be waiting for you with your name on a sign at the international (or domestic) arrivals lounge of Vancouver International Airport (YVR). You will have their phone number too. Buses leave roughly every 1.5 hours from early morning to 11pm. Please book your flights to arrive before 11pm and to depart after 8am. We'll send you more details after you've registered.
Staying in Vancouver before or after your camp? We can easliy arrange your bus to pick you up and/or drop you off a a few major downtown Vancouver hotels.
If you're in our Custom package camp, bus transfers are not included although we're happy to send you the links to a couple of good local bus companies.

Will I improve my skiing?

Guaranteed! And probably in more ways that you would think possible. We take you to the next level of your skiing and then some – it’s what we do! When you add up the unique and endless types of terrain here with lots of powder days, expert coaching, instant and continuous feedback, our intimate mountain knowledge, video reviews, a stoked crew of new friends to ski with, everyone pushing each other to be their best etc…this equals total improvement to your skiing!

When does my lift pass / season pass start?

1 week camp - Your 5 day lift pass starts Monday (with an option to add days)
2 week camp - Your 12 of 14 day lift pass starts on Sunday (with an option to add days)
3+ week camp - Your included season pass can be use all season before, during and after your camp

From what age can I join?

You can join the camps from 15 years old and up. Most skiers who join us are in their late teens to late thirties. We're happy to have skiers with us from 15 to 99 years young..! The mix of ages in camp actually is quite a positive aspect of camp. Everyone gets along really well, campers help each other out and we keep the social part of camp an all ages atmosphere.

How many skiers in my group?

You'll be skiing with others and a coach in small groups (or a similar level) averaging 4:1. This ensures lots of personal coaching. You will ski in a group of a similar level.

Where will we ski on the mountains?

Everywhere. If you haven’t skied Whistler-Blackcomb before, you will be amazed by the variety of terrain that the biggest resort in North America has. If you have skied here before, get ready to re-discover the mountains. We ski the best spots - powder, trees, cruisers, parks, pipes, hit runs, glades, controlled backcountry etc. Where we ski depends on the weather and snow conditions of the day. Get ready to be spoiled!

Can I arrive in Whistler mid week before my camp begins?

Yes, you can arrive in Whistler any day of the week, although you’ll need to make your own accommodation arrangements until Saturday. Your Camp accommodation will begin on Saturday (or Sunday if you’re arriving then) and on-mountain camp is every Monday to Friday.
On request, we can send you a list of Whistler hostels, lodges, B&B's, hotels and their contact details. We can also arrange your door-to-door airport transfer to drop you off at any Whistler location if you’re arriving mid week.

Do I need a passport and visa?

If you are visiting from another country then yes, you will simply need a valid passport to come to Canada.
For almost all countries, obtaining special visas is not necessary. Canadian Immigration issues six month visitor visas when you arrive.
To check about your country please check here- details

Do I need medical insurance?

Yes, you are required to have travel (medical) insurance to join the camps.
We also HIGHLY recommend that all Core Camp skiers purchase Trip Interruption / Cancellation Insurance. This will cover the cost of your camp in case you need to unexpectedly cancel or if a medical emergency interrupts your camp. It's easy to purchase and very good peace of mind.
Please follow one of these links for a quote:World Nomads or Lifestyle Financial Insurance

Should I do training to get ready?

It’s a very good idea to do some training before you come. We recommend you do a mix of cardio and core training before you start riding with us.
A regular workout for your core muscles, lower body and basic stretching will help you a lot. Whistler’s runs are quite long so it’s also good to go skiing for a day or two before you’re here (or on your first Sunday here) to get your legs ready.

Do most campers come alone or with friends?

90% campers come to the camp on their own. Once you arrive in Whistler, you’ll be met by all of the other campers and be warmly welcomed into the camp family. From then on you’ll be living with and hanging out with other like-minded skiers from all around the world. *A big part of camp is making relationships and new friends form around the world! If you’d like to come camp with a friend or partner, that’s cool too. Just let us know if you’d like to be in the same room and we’ll make it happen.

Which countries do campers come from?

It breaks down something like this: North America 25%, Europe 40%, Australia~NZ 20%, South America 10%, Asia 5%

Do I need a helmet?

Yes, helmets are mandatory. If you have a helmet, please bring it and wear it. You can also rent good ones in town.

Will I be the old guy / girl at camp?

No. Skiers of all ages join us and the mix of ages makes it a lot more fun. Most campers are in their 20s and 30s as well as some in their teens and 40s. Since we’re all at camp together because of our love of skiing, age is the last thing we’re thinking about while we’re all having fun on and off the mountains.

Will I be in a rider house with a bunch or teenage partiers?

No. We match the ages in our rider houses to create a good balance. Since skiers are always tired from each big day of skiing, everyone is usually in bed by 10pm, getting rest for another epic day ahead. Celebrating is usually done in the town on a Friday or Saturday night.

Should I do the half day camp or the full day camp?

If you’d like to do full day camp then go for it! We sometimes recommend to do half day camp for your first week and then full day camp from your second week onwards so your legs/muscles can adjust.

What kind of riding do we do in the Freeski and Freestyle camps?

Freeski Camp covers the whole mountains. We do a mix of absolutely everything, improve everywhere and we always ski the best runs (known and secret) depending on each day’s new snow and weather . We rarely ski in the terrain parks in the mornings – we leave the parks for the afternoon freestyle camps.
Freestyle Camp is a mix of in-park and all-mountain freestyle skiing. We do not spend 100% of the time in the parks – there is endless natural freestyle terrain all over the mountains and we know every jump around every corner.
Each camp is very unique and full of non-stop action.

How much money do I need for food each day?

It depends on what your tastes are and what your budget is. On average, $30-$40 per day should have you more than covered. You can easily stay under that amount if you cook at home and/or visit the cheaper restaurants. You can also go over that amount easily if you want to live it up each day. We can recommend several cheap, mid or fancy restaurants depending on your budget and taste. The pizza shop beside our campus is only $2.50 per slice!

What is the best month for snow?

There is no single "best month" for snow in Whistler. We consistently have 4 to 5 solid months of good snow right from the beginning of December to the end of March. We can get powder days until mid April. There is no particular powder month or sunny month either – they’re all powder months. Here are the monthly snowfall stats from the last 10 years to give you a better idea - Monthly snowfall stats

Are there supermarkets and restaurants close by?

Yes and yes. Whistler is a very compact town and everything’s quite close. There are supermarkets and restaurants within walking distance of our Rider Houses. Our Rider Houses’ kitchens are fully supplied for all of your cooking needs. There is a plethora of restaurants in town ranging from $2/slice pizza shops (ride beside our campus) to the ridiculous and every type in between. We can recommend all sorts (and the hidden gems) when you’re here.

I'm a beginner / novice skier. Can I still join?

YES, you can us join if you are a beginner (0~2 days of riding) or novice skier (2~12 days or skiing). We have some great Beginner and Novice Camp packages for you!
We’ll help you build your strong foundation of skills with our fun and patient coaches and make you fall in love with skiing right away!
Here are our full camp details - Beginner and Novice Ski Camps

What day does my camp start (when should I arrive)?

Your camp accommodation starts on a Saturday and finishes on a Saturday. So you should plan your arrival and departure on Saturdays.
Your on-mountain camp with your coach is every Monday to Friday. On your first Sunday you can either rest from your long journey the day before, check out the town/do some shopping OR add a day to your lift pass and go skiing with some of the other campers.

Will my house mates be cool or turkeys?

Ok, no one has actually asked that question, but some of you have possibly wondered it.
Picture this – everyone with us is on vacation and doing what they love to do; skiing, so everyone’s always in good mood and at their happiest. Camp brings out the best in everyone.
We had three “turkeys” over the past 14 years - everybody else has been freakin’ cool. Your house mates will be awesome, your new best friends, your new holiday romance etc. So no need to worry or wonder. We're the cool camp!

Will my ski coach be a Twinkie or have a Gorbie Gap?

Just kidding – no one’s ever asked those questions. We don’t have Gorbie Gaps and we're definitely not Twinkies... We’ll explain those and other local lingo to you when you arrive. 100 Core points if you know what they mean before you arrive…!

Is it possible to get a private room?

Yes, with our home stay accommodation option. Home stay includes a room and 3 meals per days while living with a friendly, local Whistler family. See below for more details.

What is the home stay accommodation option all about?

Home stay includes a room and 3 meals per days while living with a friendly, local Whistler family. We work with several wonderful local families in Whistler. Their homes range from walking distance to a short bus ride away from the village. The host family and location we choose for you depends on availability for your week(s) here. It’s a nice Canadian experience and a great way to meet some locals. Home stay is an upgrade of $210/week.

Can I bring my own lunch up the mountains?

Yes, you can bring your own lunch up in a backpack and we’ll show you where to hang it up. You’re allowed to eat your own lunch in the main on-mountains
restaurants too. There is also free water at each restaurant and even microwaves to use.

Any videos I should watch before I come to camp?

Yes, please watch the movie GNAR (pronounced – nar) for some great comedy and so you can ‘call out’ your coach on the mountains. We dabble in the game of G.N.A.R. when we ski.
Also watch a few Arnold movies or look up some of his quotes. We like to do Schwarzenegger impressions… 'Get to da choppa..!'

If we haven’t answered your questions here, please e-mail us at info@corecamps.com